Whanganui knows what global citizens want, especially when it comes to students and even more so when it comes to students living away from home.

Whanganui has International Safe Community status awarded by Safe Communities Foundation of New Zealand (SCFNZ). The accreditation process originated out of the World Health Organisation. The award recognises that Whanganui agencies work collaboratively to implement strategies that prevent injury and harm to residents and visitors in Whanganui, and promotes safety.

Whanganui was the first city in New Zealand to have a city-wide Ultrafast Broadband network. Our schools are all connected to the network and we have free-wifi access points available throughout the city. It is easy for students to access online information and services, and to keep connected with family and friends.

Whanganui is easy to get to and is easy to get around. We are just one flight from Auckland, and we are less than three hours drive from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. Whanganui is a small city and is safe for students to walk or bike to their destination. Alternatively, buses are available.

A safe community is a place that is attractive to live, work and visit. A safe community is a liveable community, where people can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury. It creates an infrastructure in local communities to increase action by building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.

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