If you are moving to Whanganui for your education, you’ve made the right choice! We have a range of accommodation options to suit everyone.

Hostel / boarding houses

Some Whanganui education providers offer hostel or boarding accommodation. For secondary, it is on-site and tertiary offer off-site accommodation. Because Whanganui is safe and easy to get around, living off-site isn’t a problem.

Depending on the providers’ facilities, rooms might be single, twin or dormitory style, with a shared lounge or common room. Secondary students will be provided with meals, have access to laundry services and will receive on-site pastrol care. Tertiary students will have access to shared dining, laundry and lounge facilities.

Hostels and boarding houses can be filled with a diverse mix of New Zealand and international students, allowing for a special cultural exchange to take place between all residents.

Homestay / private boarding

Whanganui welcomes students to be part of our community, and many local families offer homestay or private boarding at their home..

This is an exciting way for students to experience New Zealand’s lifestyle and culture. For students with English as a second language it is a great way to become part of a new family while concurrently improving their English language skills.

As per the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students, education providers facilitate the screening and placement for international students with suitable homestay families.

Flatting / rentals

Tertiary students that choose to live independently will be able to do so in flat (private rental accommodation). Flats might be a small unit or apartment suitable for one or two people, or could be a shared house with up to four to five people living together. Flatting is a good option for older students who enjoy their space or alternatively, want to meet new people.


Whanganui warmly welcomes extended family and friends to come and visit any time. Please see our Visit Whanganui page for some helpful links to accommodation.

Excellent sporting facilities, cafés, recreational choices and public amenities. Citywide ultrafast fibre broadband to stay connected to the world. 

International Immigration

If you need more information about migrating to New Zealand for study then you're in the right place.

New Zealand Education System

This is an overview of the New Zealand Education System.  Visit the New Zealand Education ThinkNew website for more.

Code of Practice

This code of practice provides a framework for the pastoral care of international students.


If you are moving to Whanganui for your education, you’ve made the right choice! We have a range of accommodation options to suit everyone.

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